The honest sweet shop has always something to offer. It can refresh you with a draught ice-cream during summer, or it can delight you with a warm hot-dog during winter. From Monday to Sunday, you can rely on richly supplied refrigeration counters, kind service as well as guaranteed freshness of all products.

The Sweet shop in the Hotel Praha is not different. However, it differs from others in a dispensation of food exact into street. During hot days, it is possible to order everything from its assortment at a special window. Fast and keenly priced breakfast, cake or sandwich. Whatever you want and need. Together with coffee to go – a favourite coffee for travelling for working duties or study.

Parents of small children will appreciate hot corn, fruit drinks, frozen products, small sweets. Schoolchildren will stop here for a student roll. They can choose healthy cereal bakery products with spreads, vegetables, cheeses and ham. Everybody who likes a sweet snack can choose a muffin, a croissant or a stuffed cupcake. A dessert is fine after a good lunch. The classic desserts, such as a cream puff, a cognac tip, a Sacher cake or a filled tube, are the best choice together with an afternoon coffee.

Thanks to its own cold kitchen, the Sweet shop Praha can offer delicious open-face sandwiches, canapés, vegetable salads and garnished bowls. All these delicacies are prepared from seasonally available ingredients by experienced chefs.

The selection of delicacies for birthday celebrations, business meetings, banquets, sport events and gala dinners is really great. Interested people can order desserts, Swiss rolls, cuts as well as whole cakes. The menu includes canapés, aspics, garnished bread rolls, open-face sandwiches, small schnitzels, or meat roulades.